To the Men and Women Working at the Sheriff’s Office,

Through the North Carolina Constitution and the citizens of Chatham County, you are given an incredible responsibility. You have the power to take someone’s freedom and to use force to ensure compliance.  Citizens expect you to use that power wisely, fairly, and judiciously, just as I will as your Sheriff.

As your Sheriff, I expect you to use the authority of the badge, as a symbol of the public’s trust.  Never violate that trust!  I want you to arrest people when it’s appropriate, but find other solutions when it’s not. Every day, I expect you to SERVE and PROTECT the citizens of Chatham County to the best of your ability.  I expect you to treat every person as you would a family member in the same situation.  I expect you to show every person respect while holding them accountable for their actions, and resolve any situation as diplomatically and ethically as you legally can.   

My promise to you is this. You won’t find me at my desk every day. I will be right next to you on the street, on patrol, hands-on serving the community.  I promise you the training and the tools you need. I promise to promote, exemplify, and reward Fairness, Integrity, Teamwork, Leadership, Community, and Professionalism. I promise to value the contribution of each employee. When you work hard, make lawful arrests, and are responsive to the needs of the community, you will have my full support.

Respectfully yours,

Sheriff MIKE Roberson